Workshop Syllabus

Learn how to:

  • Enter and Exit a Trade
  • Choose Correct Expiration Dates
  • Selecting the Right Strikes
  • Managing Risk
  • Execution – Tips and Tricks
  • Adjusting – When and How
  • Knowing When to Hold’em and When to Fold’em
  • Understand the power of the Greeks
  • Use the tools DEWS created
  • Become a successful trader!

Included with the Course

What you will receive in the workshop

  • The written Double Eagle Trading Plan
  • Trade entry flow chart
  • The Trade Tracker– An Excel workbook that records details of each trade and calculates P/L
  • The Adjustment Matrix– A .pdf file that lays out “what-if” scenarios and adjustment ideas for each condition
  • The Strike Selector (aka Trade Buddy) – A comprehensive Excel-based analysis tool which assists the trader from trade entry through close
  • Trade Management Flow Diagram
  • Defending the DE Matrix
  • Management Statistics Tool access for 3 months, after which the MST is available to workshop attendees at the low rate of only $85.00 per quarter
  • Continuing Support consisting of Monthly Virtual Meet Up sessions for MST subscribers where we share experiences, trades ideas, management techniques, etc.