You Can Profit by Trading Earnings Events - Without Stressing about Unpredictable Earnings Reactions!

Have you been trying -- probably unsuccessfully -- to trade earnings announcements using what you were convinced was a winning strategy -- only to have the price move either in an unexpected direction or much farther than you had anticipated?  Or worse yet, not moved at all even after a report surprise? 

Many times, the stock price doesn't seem react rationally to the actual earnings report. It's enough to drive you crazy -- as it has many traders, causing sleep and hair loss.

Butterflies, iron condors, strangles, straddles; directional and delta-neutral.  Any or all of them may have lost money for you -- trade after trade, quarter after quarter, earnings announcement after earnings announcement.  It's virtually impossible to predict the direction or magnitude of a stock's movement when its earnings are released, even if you are highly confident about the actual earnings being announced.

And then there is often an extreme countermove during or after the subsequent press conference, especially after a forward guidance surprise -- throwing yet another monkey wrench into your carefully conceived trades.  With all these unknowns and often irrational moves, what's a responsible trader to do?

Well, what if you had a strategy that can be put on weeks before an earning announcement, and could be closed BEFORE earnings are released -- with a high probability of a profit?  What if you could base your trades on highly predictable and reliable changes in the stock's options parameters, and not be forced to guess how the market might respond to the actual earnings?  And what if it was no more difficult or expensive than trading iron condors or other multi-legged strategies?

You can turn those "what-ifs" into reality by enrolling in the upcoming Double Eagle Workshop.  The DE Workshop teaches a successful, disciplined and proven strategy that has been used by hundreds of satisfied and profitable traders. It is based on sound principles of a stock's options Implied Volatility (IV) growth prior to earnings, and the theta decay of options of closer-in expiration dates.   The course, 6 weeks in all, will cover how to choose expiration dates, option strike prices, entry and exit strategies, and a variety of management techniques -- all based on years of experience of veteran traders. 

But you will get more than execution strategy knowledge from the course -- the real magic comes from the vast storehouse of historical data about how a stock's options have acted before earnings.  The depth of this data -- going back years in many cases -- practically gives you your own crystal ball of what your options trades will do!  And it will be available to you, updated daily, for less than a dollar a day, after completing the course.

So what's the catch? Well, like most trading strategies, it does require some experience with trading options; so, if you're a newbie or novice in option trading, it's probably better for you to garner a bit more experience in option trading first.  But if you've read this far, and these issues are striking a chord (most likely dissonant!) based on your previous attempts to trade around earnings, you probably have a good handle on how to execute similar multi-legged option strategies. 

The Double Eagle is no more complicated than many of these strategies.  You've probably used most or all of the option setups included in the Double Eagle -- just not in the right combination or using the optimal strikes and expirations.  Plus you didn't have access to the encyclopedic historical data of hundreds of stocks which you will be able to reference 24/7 after completing the Double Eagle workshop.

In addition, after taking this course, you will immediately become part of a dedicated, active community of traders -- many of whom are willing to share their experiences, trades (both good and bad) and management techniques on dedicated Discord channels and in monthly virtual meetups. Some of these folks are among the smartest and most innovative traders around; they not only trade the "standard" Double Eagle as taught in the course, but have modified and morphed it in a variety of ways which they are more than eager to share in these forums.  It's unlikely you'll find a more inventive, energized and FUN group of traders in any other forum!

Now about the Double Eagle Workshop:  the class consists of 18+ hours presented in 6 webinar sessions of about 3 hours each -- many of them during market hours (although you will have unlimited access to recordings if  you aren't able to attend live).  During the course you will learn exactly the best times to enter and exit the trades, what options to trade (strikes AND expirations), tips on how to execute the trades and how to manage risk. 

And, although many trades can be left in a "set-and-forget-it" mode, you will also learn when and how to make adjustments if the stock moves differently than you anticipated (but that never really happens now, does it :-)).  This illustrates one of beauties of the Double Eagle trade, in that even though it often moves smoothly toward profitability at the close of the trade, it also affords multiple opportunities to "snatch profit from the jaws of loss" when things don't go quite as expected.  You will get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to adjust and manage your trade in a variety of situations, including knowing when to "fold-em" and move on to the next trade opportunity.

During the course, you will receive all of the following:

  • The written Double Eagle Trading Plan
  • A Trade entry flow chart
  • The Trade Tracker– An Excel workbook that records details of each trade you make, which you can modify to meet your own needs
  • The Adjustment Matrix– A .pdf file that lays out “what-if” scenarios and adjustment ideas for each condition
  • The Strike Selector (aka Trade Buddy) – A comprehensive analysis tool which assists the trader from trade entry through close
  • The Trade Management Flow Diagram
  • "Defending the DE" Matrix - an easy-to-follow chart guiding you to the optimal adjustment strategy

plus the invaluable advice and knowledge of an expert trader (and who knows, maybe some surprise guests!) who will walk you through every step. All of this is available for the one-time payment of only $1285!  Many traders have made this much and more in just a few trades!

If you still have questions, or aren't sure if the Double Eagle Workshop is right for you, just use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page and we'll get right back to you.

However, if you're chomping at the bit to start trading with the Double Eagle, sign up right now!

Still not convinced this is one of the most reliable and profitable trading strategies you could use? 

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