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As you know I took the Double Eagle Work Shop a couple years ago. That was probably the best trading decision I ever made!

I have exciting news to share with you. (4/17/18) it was announced that I won the Fall 2017 through Spring 2018 trading contest at OptionsTribe.com. I came in 1’st Place!!! I did it by trading the Double Eagle Strategy (exclusively) that you taught to me and the other traders in the Work Shop.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent workshop training experience…

Beth W. OptionSlam Insider

I want to add how much I appreciate your site and your webinars. Your style of teaching is patient and you bring it down to the learner’s level. You take the complicated, un twist it and make it simple for the rest of us.

Michael D. Richard MIT Alumnus

I want to thank you for your outstanding Double Eagle course. Your course ranks as one of the best trading courses I have ever taken (and I assure you that I have taken many). Your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm were not only much appreciated but contributed enormously to the success of the course.

In addition, you are a truly gifted instructor. Your patience as well as your thorough, logical, and lucid explanations of even rather advanced concepts were exemplary. You came through with flying colors on your stated commitment to over deliver with the course.

Eugene P. OptionSlam Insider

I am so appreciative of the information, (Optionslam, webinars, personal phone visits and coaching, etc.) wisdom and knowledge Marko shares with us. The research tools, in the details you shared, are unmatched and cannot be found for the small investor anywhere except from you.

You have now significantly increased the probability that my personal options trades, in the future, will be successful.I appreciate you and what you have done for me. Your desire to share and help others like me is admirable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Leonard M. OptionSlam Insider

Think the workshop was excellently presented – explaining what is basically quite complex stuff in a readily understandable format. Many thanks for everything.


…Impressed by your knowledge. You are brilliant, a shiny ruby in this dark trading education business.

Karen R.

Your concept and process is pretty easy to follow. The trades for Double Eagle are straight forward to take advantage of rising volatility.

Nelson Losada

Jim W

After trading for over 5 years, and breaking even at best using a variety of strategies, I discovered the Double Eagle strategy after taking Marko’s workshop.  In 3.5 years of trading, I have over a 60% win rate with an overall average gain in the double digits!  Thank you Marko!